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Whether you need a professional car window tinting service, a premium car paint protection film installation, or vinyl wrapping for your car in Maryland, Cutting Edge has got you covered. Book an appointment with the best car service in town and get your car a window tint or PPF that will last for a decade or more. We use 3M window tints and paint protection films in Maryland - backed by warranties to give you peace of mind.

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What We Do

Here’s the nitty gritty about what we actually do for our customers. You won’t find a better car window tinting or paint protection film application service in Maryland!

Automotive Window Tinting

Leveraging advanced computer software, we ensure our car tints are cut to perfection, enhancing aesthetics and providing optimal UV protection.

Residential & Commercial
Window Tinting

Offering specialized tinting solutions for home and business windows, improving privacy, reducing glare, and enhancing energy efficiency.

Premium Vinyl
Vehicle Transformation

Elevate your vehicle's appearance with our high-quality vinyl wraps, applied with precision to ensure durability and a standout finish.

Advanced Paint
Protection Films

Safeguard your vehicle's exterior with our top-tier paint protection films, defending against everyday wear, scratches, and environmental hazards.

The MaryLand Car Tinting Experts At Your Service

Our 3M car window tints, 3M vinyl wraps, and 3M paint protection films are all authentic, cut to the utmost precision according to your car’s build and size, and professionally applied by experts with nearly two decades of experience. We have tinted and wrapped hundreds of vehicles across Maryland.

Experienced Staff

We are experts with over twenty years of automotive tinting experience. You can trust our staff to take care of your precious ride and give it the best service!

Many Options

Choose between multiple car tint levels and percentages to find your favorite. We offer all kinds of car tints, films, and wraps from 3M - the world renowned brand of car window tints.

Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our staff guarantee that your car will look like it is fresh off the lot when you pick it up.

Trusted Work

Our reps can tell you all you need to know about legal car tint levels in Maryland for commercial and residential car tinting. Get the highest legal car window tint in Maryland with Cutting Edge Tint.

Car Window Tint Simulator

Find the right car window tint percentage for your ride by using our window tint simulator!

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Car PPF Simulator

Use our PPF simulator to explore our Paint Protection Film (PPF) options at a glance. Select the perfect level of paint protection for your car with just one click!

PPF Selector
  • Partial Front

    18 to 24 inch coverage across your car's frontside to cover high-risk areas like its hood, fenders, front bumper, headlights, and side mirrors.

  • Full Front

    Complete Frontend coverage for your car to protect its entire frontside from damage including the side complete hood, fenders, front bumper, headlights, and side mirrors.

  • Full Coverage

    Leaving no chinks in the armor - It will cover every nook and cranny across your car's exterior to give it an airtight defense against scratches, stains, and paint fading.

  • Interior Protection

    XPEL also offers protection for your car's interior to make sure your car's resale value remains preserved from all sides. You can keep its interior stain and scratch free with it.

  • Door Edge Guard

    The door edge is a highly vulnerable area where scratches are commonly found. With XPEL's door edge guards, your car's door edges will remain scratch and stain free for over 10 years.

  • Headlight Protection

    Save your headlights from scratches and swirl marks that they can get from bumping against objects. Reduce the impact on them and keep them shiny for longer.

  • Luggage Strip

    Another high-risk area of your car that can be protected by XPEL PPF. Just cover the most vulnerable parts of your car if you don't want full coverage, and you're good to go.

  • Pillars Roof

    Protect your car's A, B, and C pillars from damage with an invisible transparent shield offered by XPEL. Keep your car glossy front to back - without any scratches on the pillars.

  • Rocker Panels

    Don't let bumps on the road prevent your car from looking immaculate and pristine. Our rocker panel PPF can handle the extra damage and give you lasting, specific coverage.

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Hear it from the customers!

Maria Dagalakis
Maria Dagalakis
January 22, 2024
I got my front windows tinted for my explorer and I’m super happy with them! The guys were super fast and professional! Definitely will use them again
Kiyarash Rooholfada
Kiyarash Rooholfada
November 28, 2023
10/10 Professional, Knowledgeable, and Experienced team. They explained everything from start to finish, what to expect and how everything works. Very high quality work. Brought my work vehicle / Ford Transit Connect to get tinted, but definitely coming back for my own car.
B Mason
B Mason
November 19, 2023
Quality service with knowledgeable staff. I got there early enough to be seen without an appointment. Their new location has plenty of space for parking and food nearby if you wanted to grab something while you wait. This is my 2nd car I have had them tint. I will definitely return.
Ray Crotts
Ray Crotts
September 13, 2023
I had 2 vehicles fully tinted at Cutting Edge Tint. They have 3M products with lifetime warranty against cracks, bubbling, and peeling. Make an appointment and they'll complete the job while you wait in the lobby. Highly recommend.
Brenton Sutton
Brenton Sutton
August 13, 2023
Amazing service. So professional & a week later I couldn’t be happier with the tint
Hank Williams
Hank Williams
July 26, 2023
I had my Tesla Model Y front windows done yesterday and I'm quite happy with the experience! Susan took the time to explain all of the options and made it easy for me to make my decision. The entire process lasted no more than 30 minutes and the car looks great! I plan on taking my other car in soon to get it done as well.
kittypoo Mickens
kittypoo Mickens
July 16, 2023
Great customer service and my car looks just the way I wanted. I would highly recommend this place.
June 27, 2023
I have best experience from this tint shop. Employees are very nice, welcome and she explain everything with patience and very professional. I forget to ask the guy name who did tint on my car because I was busy with my 23months old son. Whoever he is, he did a great job, great attitude, professional and fast. I wish I know them before. I definitely will come back again and bring some friends.Thank you so much guys for everything.

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